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We offer half-day or full-day Kindergarten, along with full-time K-12th grades.  
Additionally we are offering classes to homeschoolers.  
See below for details!


  • These are our newly lowered 2022/2023 Annual Tuition Rates:               

  • 1/2 Day Kindergarten (Option)   $1,750          

  • Full-Time K-12 First Student        $2,500           

  • Family Rate 2nd Student              $2,000           

  • Family Rate 3rd Student               $1,800           

  • Family Rate 4th Student               $1,800             

  • Family Rate 5th Student               $1,800          

  • Family Rate 6th or more               Free

  • You may also pay 1/2 the Tuition per semester, or pay 10 monthly payments.

  • There will be a non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $150.00, which will be applied toward tuition.

  • Curriculum fees are not included in the tuition, but will be approximately $250 per year.

  • By clicking below you'll find a document with our Rates table to keep and print. 


2022-2023 school year. We are currently offering PE twice weekly, art and music once per week and drama once per month on chapel days with a longer production being considered for the end of each semester. The cost of these classes are listed below:

P.E. class for $10.00/month.

Music is $10.00/month plus a one-time supply fee.

Art Classes are available for $15.00/month plus a one-time $25.00 supply fee for the year.

Our core math, reading, and language arts classes will occur in the morning. Chapel will be every Wednesday at 12:20 with a monthly drama/skit class beginning at 11:30 once per month. Families may join us for a sack lunch at noon. The monthly drama lessons/skits and chapel will be offered for free to all homeschool families. The larger production will have a cost that will be determined in early fall.

Homeschoolers can sign-up to take an individual core subject class during regular school hours for the cost of the book fees and $35.00/month per class fee. 

1st-5th grade math Abeka

6th-grade Abeka or Principles of Mathematics

7th-8th grade Principles of Mathematics

9th-12th grade PACES (all courses) 

3rd-8th grade Creation to the Greeks Integrated Learning History, Art, Language Arts, Science

3rd-8th grade Reading Language Lesson for Today (My Father's World) and Language Arts and Literature (The Good and the Beautiful)

1st-8th grade Science Themes including Ecosystems, Geology, Marine Biology, and Safety

Grammar and Composition Abeka

Handwriting, Spanish, and Latin will be taught as a thread throughout the day.

The students of Community Christian School will be learning beginner Spanish and some Latin. We may open up a Language Immersion class for homeschoolers if we find the right volunteer. We are asking for families to RSVP by completing a student registration by July 31st. We would like to ensure we have the materials and support needed for each class.


Click the link below to find our Registration Form.   

Or click here to email us with questions or to get an emailed or printed copy of the form.


You will be able to make payments electronically if you prefer. 

Also we are taking donations of school items and funds to support our school.  At this time support can be sent to the address at the bottom of the page with Community Christian School as the Payee.  

In the near future you will be able to use our Paypal link.

Admissions: Admissions
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